A People-First Mentality Leads to Generations of Success

Electrical construction service provider Great Southwestern Construction (GSWC) began operations in 1977 as a sole proprietor looking to get into the general construction sector. The young firm jumped at the prospect of getting involved with the United States government’s building of waterways and canal systems throughout Arizona and succeeded by way of providing communications and power relay infrastructure needs required for the projects.

After that, the company moved into electric power transmission and distribution where it has stayed since the 1990s. In 2000, the company was sold to the MYR Group and has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of it ever since. GSWC is the only non-union contract under the MYR Group umbrella and does “all types of work in the transmission distribution space like working with investor-owned utilities and private developers all across the U.S.,” according to Lark. Today, it handles nine locations across the country, and it continues to experience incredible growth, with more than 600 employees at present.

Throughout its history, GSWC has built its identity from having a people-first culture in relation to both its workforce and clients. To Lark, the idea of having a people-first culture means “ensuring that everyone understands that we care about people who work for us, [and that] anyone in contact with us is valued and winds up with a positive experience.”

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